Waterford Kildare Crystal Coupe/Champagne Glasses

Set of 6 stunning coupes handcrafted by the Waterford Crystal master-craftsmen in Ireland. The Kildare pattern was created in the 1970s. These glasses have the weight, clarity, and beauty that make Waterford glasses among the finest in the world.


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Out of stock

Product Description

This set of 6 Waterford crystal coupe/champagne glasses embody all that is Waterford. The Kildare patters feature a round bowl with a row of diamond cuts around the bottom and vertical cuts radiating up to the glass opening. The cuts magnify the light refracting from the glass. The bowl sets on a long flat cut stem.

The Kildare pattern was designed in the early 1970s. This nearly vintage set (the 70s people!) is in mint condition. They are perhaps the most gorgeous coupes we’ve had in our shop – and that’s saying something. Each glass measures 5-1/4 inches tall with a 3-1/2 inch opening. The base has a 3-inch diameter with a Waterford mark on the bottom. Each of these special glasses holds 5-6 oz. of your special beverage.

No chips, cloudiness, or discoloration. In excellent condition.