Vintage Crystal Leaf Garland Coupe Glasses

Set of 4 vintage crystal coupes with an etched pointed-leaf garland around the bowl and Corinthian-style columnar stems.


Product Description

This set of 4 vintage coupe glasses features the classic round bowl with a delightfully etched pointed-leaf garland ringing the circumference. The column stem is Corinthian in style with base, shaft, and elongated abacus where it attaches to the bowl.

The preferred champagne vessel of 1920s flappers and Hollywood starlets, these coupe glasses are perfect for your shaken and stirred cocktails. They measure 4-1/2 inches tall with a 3-1/2 inch opening and hole 5 oz. of your favorite liquid nourishment.

No chips, cloudiness, or discoloration. In excellent condition.