Mid-Century Sasaki Coupe Glasses

Set of 4 mid-century smoke-glass hand blown coupe glasses from one of Japan’s oldest glassmakers. Set consists of two pairs of Sasaki smoke glass coupes, one pair is the Coronation pattern with a slight flair and the second is the Hawthorne pattern.


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Out of stock

Product Description

The design of this gorgeous smoke-color coupe set is solidly mid-century modern. The curve of the bowl, the slight flare at the opening, the elegant transparent swirl stems all scream for the 1950s-60s cocktail. Oh, the choices! If you look carefully, you will see that the set is actually two pairs of coupes. Both are Sasaki – the same era, smoke-color glass, and transparent swirl stems. Because hand-blown glass differs ever so slightly and because the Coronet and Hawthorne Sasaki patterns are so close, it’s very slight.

Japan’s Sasaki glass company’s first product was glass oil lamps in 1902. Within a decade the company expanded to make glassware for the home. Perfect housewarming gift with this set of one pair Coronet pattern and one Hawthorne. Each glass is 5 inches tall with a 3-1/2 inch opening and holds 4-5 oz. 

No chips, cloudiness, or discoloration. In excellent condition.