Mid-Century Georges Briard Collins Set in Caddy

Hard–to–find mid-century modern design set of 6 Collins glasses is by decorative artist, Georges Briard. The set nestles in a 1950s atomic-inspired rare glass caddy. Swanky gold, black and white designs spell out some of our favorite spirits. 


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

Product Description

We love this set! This hard–to–find mid-century modern design set of 6 Collins glasses is by decorative artist, Georges Briard. The set nestles in an atomic-inspired rare glass carrier/caddy from the 1950s. The pattern of alternating rows of framed ovals features gold letters. Each row spells out a type of spirit: row 1 – R Y E, row 2 – S C O T C H, row 3 – B O U R B O N, and row 4 – V O D K A. Super cool, right?! Each glass stands 6-3/4 inches tall and 2-7/8 inches top opening. Each holds a generous 12 oz. 

The story behind this glass is the story of Georges Briard, a classic American immigration story. Fleeing both religious and political persecution, Briard fled Ukraine to the U.S. in 1937. The Soviet Union had taken control of his homeland in the 1920s and 30s. The new government suppressed all things Ukrainian, both language and culture, and instituted policies that brought famine and starvation to millions of Ukrainians. Upon his U.S. arrival, he changed his name to Jascha Brojdo and settled in Chicago. The war broke out after earning an MFA at the Chicago Art Institute. During WWII, he served in the U.S. Army as a translator — he was fluent in several languages including Russian — eventually serving on Gen. George S. Patton’s staff. After the war, he began painting with his now well-known trademark, Georges Briard, designing his signature elaborate designs for the new and growing home decor market. This market flourished due to the federal government’s G.I Bill program which led to the largest percentage of Americans homeownership. And what was a feature inside all these homes? The home bar! Georges Briard glassware and trays filled this new niche and were sold at high–end department stores in every city.

Own this piece of history along with the “Tipsy Tim” glass carrier/caddy by Renal. This unique carrier was made in the 1950s to accommodate different sizes of glasses from Collins to highballs. Its gravity-defying feature means no drops of your special libation will be lost. The caddy is black metal and measures 20 by 8-1/3 inches and sits 4 inches tall without glasses.

This vintage glass has no chips or cracks – glasses are clear and with minor gold wearing.

Set of 7 items.