Handblown Portuguese Port Set

This handblown decanter is adorned with glass buttons and a fluted glass collar and has its original stopper. The glasses feature a slight flare at the top. From Portugal, this set’s amber hue sets the mood. 


Only 1 left in stock

Only 1 left in stock

Product Description

This amber decanter set filled with Vinho do Porto, would feel at home somewhere along the rugged Portuguese coast from where port was first exported to England in the late 1600s. The age-old craftsmanship of blowing glass grew alongside the development of the favorite Portuguese drink. Today, port is enjoying a surge in popularity but this is also the perfect sipper set for aperitifs, digestifs, and your handcrafted cordials.

The handblown decanter is adorned with glass buttons and a fluted glass collar. The stopper has its cork intact. The decanter stands 9 inches tall with the stopper and has a 30 oz. capacity. The glasses are 2-1/4 inches tall and 1-3/4 inches top diameter which features a slight flare. They hold approximately 2 oz. Each piece is ever so slightly different as it was hand–formed by the artisan.

The deep amber hue of this handblown glass will make a statement on the buffet or sofa table. Add a wood tray for a boho to farmhouse vibe or one with gold or chrome glitz for a more mid-century feel — that’s the versatility of this set!

This vintage glass has no chips or cracks – glasses are clear and in excellent condition.

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